A Personal History of RHV

After high school I had started A&P training at College Of San Mateo, and didn't spend much time at RHV during those years. This was from around 1965 through 1967

I also remember the coffee shop with the blue windows. It was typical of the type of eatery seen at so many airports then. One thing that I'll always remember was the awful tasting coffee from that place. It turns out that the water supply was from a

The old Reid Hillview wash rack 

private well, which had lots of sulfur which had a lot to do with the coffee flavor. Bobby Reid's wife worked there as one of the waitresses.
There was a working crop-dusting operation based at Reid's in those days. The name of this operation was Clevenger. The planes were all converted Stinson L-5's with a lower wing from a Luscomb. This wing also held the hardware for applying either the dust or liquid being used. The "designers" of this hard working aircraft had mated a 220HP continental radial engine to the airframe, and were getting an extra 20hp out of the engines.  

Stinson/Clevenger L-5 conversion N69083

A number of the "old heads" around the field could recall when Art Scholl, a student at San Jose State at the time and living in a trailer on the field, had worked out an aerobatic routine using an 85hp Globe Swift!  As many of you know, that was a rather under powered craft with an 85hp engine. Art would have to climb to altitude and dive towards the "zone" in order to have adequate speed to complete his maneuver. Knowing how he got started explained how he ended up becoming a successful airshow pilot.