A Personal History of RHV

I transferred from Palo Alto airport to Reid Hillview in 2000. At this time the Reid Hillview pilots Association would hold their monthly meetings in the main terminal. One of my shifts was the evening from noon untill 10 pm,  so I often had a chance to talk with some of the members during and after their evening meetings. On one particular night after the meeting I ended up chatting with Amelia for a short time. She discussed some of her recent medical problems and how she was concerned that it might affect her flight 
medical. After she left the terminal she headed back to her school to shut things down. At this point she had a stroke that knocked her to the floor, still alive. She was found the next morning. She survived for another couple months before passing away. 
  It was discovered shortly after the 9/11/2001 attacks that the captain of United flight 93 name was Jason Dahl. This was the aircraft that eventually crashed in the field in Pennsylvania. It turned out that Mr. Dahl had been a student and gotten his pilots license at Amelia's some years before. Amelia was a bit of a pack rat, and had kept most or all of the shirttails with notes signifying the student’s solo flight. Someone dug around and actually found the United pilot’s shirttail in the batch that Amelia had kept for all those years. 
One day soon after the shirt tail was located, it was arranged to line up several of Amelia’s trainers on the transient line in front of the terminal in memory of Jason and the heroic passengers of United flight 93.