What About Steam ?

In the tests the rapidity with which the boiler got up steam was remarkable. In 5 minutes the plane was ready to take the air. In the air, the absence of noise was remarkable. On landing a very interesting possibility of the steam engine was in evidence. As soon as the pilot landed he reversed the engine (reversing the engine is a simple matter on a reciprocating steam engine). With the propeller driven in the opposite direction, a powerful braking effect was obtained. Perfect control and smoothness of

A great deal of the technical work on the Besler steam engine was done at the Boeing School of Aeronautics, and we are indebted to Mr Welwood Beall of this school for a first-hand account of the design and operation.

Another View of Steam Powered flight, Published in 1933

Remarkable though its development has been in the Last dozen years, in one important respect the science of aviation may be

said to have remained virtually at a standstill since its infancy, and that is in the type of engine used to furnish the the motor power for aircraft.

Aeronautical engineers long have recognized that the development of a motor that will combine lightness of weight with high power efficiency but that will lack the uneven performance of the present internal combustion engine probably is the principal problem confronting them in pushing the commercial possibilities of aircraft. 

Steam Airplane is a possible Solution

From Germany comes a report of the development of a steam driven airplane. Although this craft Is still in the experimental stage. accounts of its Performance and the description of its operation have been received by American aviation engineers with tremendous interest. In fact, some profess to see in the new German Plane the first step in the solution of the Problem of furnishing an absolutely dependable motor for the commercial aircraft of the future.