Globe Swift

 The Globe Swift has a unique visual landing gear indication system.

As shown in the photograph, the main landing gear each have attached to them a metal rod that extends up above the leading edge (front) of the wing so that the rod may be viewed by the pilot when flying the airplane. When the landing gear is in the “down” position as required for landing, the rod will be oriented so that it is sticking straight up for the pilot to see (as it is in the photograph). When the landing gear is retracted into the wing during flight the rod will be repositioned so that it is parallel to the leading edge of the wing. Here we have a simple, but not entirely foolproof, landing gear indication system!

The most unusual variant of the Swift was the TEMCO TE-1 “Buckaroo” which was built in a short run first for a USAF trainer aircraft and later for Foreign Service as a military trainer. Most of the early production runs sold for about $4,000 at the time. 

The Globe/TEMCO Swift has seen many modifications including the engine size which spans a range of 85, 125, 145, 150, 160, 180 and 210 HP.