American Eagle exhibit

The American Eagle A-101 is a three place aircraft that was designed to be used as a trainer aircraft and also for “light commercial activity” of its era. As they rolled off the production line Eagles sold for about $2815.

During its initial production of 1928 and 1929 business was booming, but the stock market crash of late 1929 caused the bottom to fall out on sales. Hurting financially the American Eagle Aircraft Company merged with the Lincoln Aircraft Company, but the deepening economic depression caused the company to fail.

During its six years of existence the American Eagle Aircraft Company was the third largest producer of commercial aircraft in the world.

The Eagle had a wingspan of 30 feet, a length of 24 feet one inch, and a height of 8 feet 4 inches. Its empty weight is 1,227# and its gross weight is 2,041#. The Eagle cruises at about 85 mph and has a range of about 385 miles.