Ryan PT-20


Dave in flight

Ryan PT-20

Engine: Manasco Super Pirate 125 hp

Wingspan: 30 feet   Length: 21 feet   Weight: 1018 pounds

Cruise Speed: 115 mph – maximum 124 mph @ 3000 feet

The new Ryan Trainer (Ryan ST)

In an era dominated by biplanes (1933-1934), T. Claud Ryan decided the Ryan Corporation should manufacture a low wing monoplane trainer. He designed the “Ryan Sport Trainer” and took full credit for the aesthetics.

The “Ryan ST” became one of the great classic aircraft of the thirties. It was a favorite of the well-to-do sportsman pilot.

The Ryan Primary Trainer (Ryan PT-20)

The PT-20 is a military version of the Ryan ST. Three hunderd and thirty six of the ST series airplanes were manufactured from 1934 to early 1940. In late 1939, the Ryan Corp. manufactured a total of 30 PT-20 planes at a unit price of $6453. Of the 30 built, two still exist.