Stan Hall Safari


When the war ended Hall moved back to Los Angeles where Stan took a position with Northrup as an engineering designer. With his flight experience he also served as an on-call corporate pilot flying a military twin engine UC-78 and a Bellanca Skyrocket.

Hall "Safari" Cockpit Instrument panel

His engineering training was now going full throttle as he joined the legendary John K. Northrup in the design of the Northrup B-35 and the YB-49 Flying Wings. He spent five years at Northrup, and was Manager of Experimental Design at the company’s Snark missile installation at Cape Canaveral, Florida. Stan later left Northrup to join the Lockheed Missiles and Space Division in Van Nuys, California. In 1957 the company moved to Sunnyvale and Stan moved with them. He spent 20 years with Lockheed, managing technical programs. Stan conceived and patented the Lockheed/Army YO-3A Quiet Reconnaissance airplane which saw outstanding service in Vietnam.

In all, Stan served as an engineer for four major aircraft manufacturers over a period of 37 years. During this same time he found time to design and construct ten gliders and found himself appointed to the prestigious Soaring Society of America Hall of Fame. Source: Southwest Soaring Newsletter, spring 2010.