Velie Monocoupe

W.L. Velie, an industrialist who had previously specialized in horse drawn carriages and automobiles, built the Monocoupe line of aircraft. The Model 70 was built with a wood frame and covered with canvas. The Monocoupe could seat two people, and had an enclosed cabin with what they called in those times as “speed and flashy style.”

The original roots of the airplane go back to 1926 and the work of Don Luscombe of later aircraft fame. The company did not really get launched in a big way until Willard Velie of Velie Automobiles and the maternal grandson of John Deere joined forces with Don Luscombe. The Velie Company provided the then new Velie M5 radial engine and this launched the Monocoupe to stardom. By 1929 it was said that a full ten percent of all registered aircraft in the United States were Monocoupes. The Model 70 was one of the earliest designs of the Monocoupe Company.

Some statistics:

Engine Velie M5 Horsepower 65              Wingspan 30 feet 4 inches 
Length 19 feet 9 inches                              Cruise speed 65 MPH 
Quantity manufactured 350