Curtiss OX-5

The OX-5 was the last in a series of Glenn Curtiss designed “V” engines, which had started as a series of air-cooled V-twins for motorcycles in 1902. The OX-5 is economical on fuel, using but eight gallons per hour, due to the slow RPM of the engine. It was first available in 1915 and used in a number of pilot training aircraft.

Glenn was born in 1878 in New York and as he grew up displayed an early aptitude for mechanical devices. He was soon producing motorcycle engines of his own design and started the Curtiss Company in 1902.

Aircraft that used the OX-5 included: Laird Swallow Travel Air 2000 Waco 9 and 10 American Eagle Curtiss JN-4 Jenny Pitcarin PA-4 Fleetwing II Buhl-Verville CW-3 Airster It is an 8 cylinder water-cooled Vee piston engine with a displacement of 503 cubic inches and produces 90 HP at 1,400 RPM. The engine weighs 390 pounds.