Kiekhaefer V-105-2 Drone Engine

This engine was built in Fon-Du-Lac, Wisconsin, by Kiekhaefer Aeromarine Motors, Inc. The particular engine on display was manufactured in 1953 and has a Serial Number of K-641885.

During World War II the Kiekhaefer Corporation manufactured small engines for drone applications that were used in target aircraft. Since there were no computer simulators during that time, actual small aircraft were used as target practice to teach anti-aircraft gunners to shoot down aircraft. These small two-stroke engines were perfect in this role.

The drones were ground launched radio-controlled, all metal construction using a

parachute for recovery. The Model V-105-2 engine was used to power the Globe KD6G-2 “Firefly” target drone and was used throughout the 1950’s for surface-to-air and air-to-air gunnery training. The four cylinders arranged in a “V” configuration produced 100 HP.