Lycoming R-680-B4E

The Lycoming Company claims to have been founded in 1845 by Madame Ellen Curtis Demorest; however, the early history of the company prior to 1860 is unclear. The Demorests published fashion magazines and manufactured sewing machines during the early period.

Around 1883, two men with the last name of Scofield purchased the company and built a factory in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, in Lycoming County. The factory produced sewing machines, bicycles, typewriters, and opera chairs. By 1907, the manufacture of sewing machines became unprofitable and the company was sold and restructured as the Lycoming Foundry and Machine Company, shifting its focus toward automobile engine manufacturing.

In 1929, they produced their first aviation engine, the R-680 radial. This became a fairly successful design and was used widely in light aircraft. The R-680 is a nine cylinder air-cooled radial engine and the very first aero engine produced by Lycoming.

The particular variant that is here in the museum is a B4E that was produced for trainer aircraft with a front exhaust collector ring. The weight of the engine is 512 pounds.