About the Propeller Shop

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The Ole Fahlin Memorial Propeller Shop is located on the grounds of the Wings Of History Air Museum. It is a commemoration of one of the world’s great propeller makers as well as a continuation of the shop that Ole Fahlin started during the early 1960’s in Santa Clara, California. Ole was one of the pioneers in the design and manufacture of wooden propellers having started carving propellers for his fellow barnstormers beginning in the early 1920s. In fact, Ole’s original pilot’s license was signed by Wilber Wright. The shop still receives for refurbishment and repair propellers that Ole manufactured. Some of those props date back to the 1930s demonstrating the lasting quality of his work.

The shop has been located in various parts of the Santa Clara Valley over the years with the longest period, eighteen years, being in Cupertino, California. It was once located at the Hill Golf and Country Club in Morgan Hill, California.

Throughout the shop’s more than thirty-year history there has been a surprising continuity of machinery, presses, and tooling used in the shop. Many of the tools and much of the equipment that Ole Falin employed to make propellers are still used today by personnel of the shop. Guy Watson has continued the tradition of craftsmanship that Ole started. Guy learned the craft from Ole by working with him from 1973 until Ole’s retirement. Guy has been designing and building propellers ever since, first under the Fahlin label and later, after Ole retired, under his own Watson label.

Ole Falin

The Ole Fahlin Memorial Propeller Shop is the only FAA Authorized Repair Station for wooden propellers ( Certificate #WOKR 041-L ) west of the Mississippi. The shop specializes in repair and refurbishment of wood propellers under the  able guidance of Herb Robbins. We also manufacture new custom wood propellers, such as would be encountered in the earlier years of aviation, 1903 to 1940.

Guy Watson retired in 2012 but still consults with the propeller shop. Please contact  the Museum if you have a question or need a new propeller or refurbishment of an existing propeller.