Halberstadt D.II


This museum scale model is used to show us the history of the Halberstadt D.II biplane fighter aircraft of the Imperial German Army Air Service. It was the first-ever biplane fighter aircraft to serve in combat for the German Empire.

The D.II was the production version of the earlier experimental D.I. The D.II was lightened to improve performance, and also featured staggered wings and a more powerful 120 HP Mercedes D.II engine. The side and frontal radiators that had been tried on the D.I were replaced by a wing mounted radiator.

The airplane entered service in 1916. The airplane looked somewhat frail due to its slender lines and flimsy looking tail unit, but it was very maneuverable and deceivingly strong. Crew – One pilot Wingspan 28 feet 10 ¼ inches Length 23 feet 11 inches Empty weight 1,144 pounds Loaded weight 1,606 pounds Powerplant - Mercedes D.II six cylinder in-line, 120 HP Maximum speed 93 MPH 

Crew: One pilot Wingspan: 28 feet 10 1/4 inches
Length: 23 feet 11 inches Empty Weight: 1144 lbs
Loaded Weight: 1606 lbs Powerplant: Mercedes D.II six cyl. in-line, 120hp


93 mph maximum speed



Source: Some excerpts from en.wikipedia.org