About the Library

frank nichols librarian

The Wings Of History Air Museum Library is a unique collection of aviation related literature. The books and pamphlets are in wood wall shelving and are arranged in various categories, while the magazines are arranged alphabetically by title in the central steel shelving. There are also many photos, slides, clippings, and more.

The library currently has over 4,000 hardbound books with some dating back to the WW1 era. They are shelved in general categories starting with pre-WW1 through WW1, the golden years of the 1920s and 1930s, WW2, Korea, and Vietnam through the present. There are also biographies and autobiographies, pilot flight manuals on civil, commercial, and military aircraft, along with engine and airframe maintenance manuals.

The magazine collection has more than 125 titles with some issues dating to the early 1920s. These titles cover most aviation periodicals and include model aircraft magazines as well as sailplane, homebuilt, and ultralight magazines. However, only very few of the titles have all of the issues published. Many titles are missing a numbers of issues, and it is hoped that the missing issues will be eventually obtained through the donation of personal collections.

The library will accept all aviation oriented books and magazines. These donations are used to expand the Wings Of History collection, but the inevitable duplicates aid the Museum in a different manner. Duplicate books are put up for sale in the Gift Shop or on-line, while the duplicate magazines are considered first for trading purposes and then for monetary sale.


The museum is developing an excellent aviation library whose resources are available to all who wish to do research, but only museum members may check out books. Books may be checked out for up to three weeks; however, magazines and archival material may not be checked out and must be viewed in the library. Museum members may photocopy any book item or magazine article free of charge.

Frank Nichols, Librarian